Does creating and curating content with the potential to improve people’s lives and mental wellness sound like a great mission? We are actively looking for a highly skilled, dynamic and strategic Part-Time YouTube Channel Manager (Contractor) to collaborate with the founders and leaders of Supermind (which can potentially lead to full time)

Supermind is building trusted platforms and technology to give consumers greater access to mental health treatments and psychedelic medicine using quality, credible, and comprehensive content.

We’re hiring content creators, design creatives, technologists, credentialed therapy professionals, and problem solvers with good vibes and great work-ethic, to help us build the most visible and resourceful digital brands for this incredible industry. If you’d like to help shape how millions of people will eventually learn about mental health, psychedelics, find treatment professionals, gain hope, and find growth or healing, then this might be the best place to bring your energy and capabilities.


The following are essentially “must-haves”, or you will need to be close or have some other outstanding, relevant qualifications to replace not meeting any of these (i.e. the “Major Pluses”). ***We are putting these at the forefront to save both your and our time, as we wish to only engage with well-qualified candidates. Thank you for understanding!***

Top 3 Must-Have Qualifications:

  1. Substantial personal or professional experience with psychedelics and mental health subject matter
  2. Extensive experience managing YouTube channels
  3. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of the YouTube algorithm

Top 3 Major Pluses:

  1. Experience with scaling subscribers and engagement to high levels (i.e. over 25K subscribers)
  2. Intermediate to advanced video editing skills and/or graphic design or motion graphics skills
  3. Intermediate+ SEO / YouTube SEO skills

Overview of Role

In this role, you will be responsible for curating content for our Psychedelic and Mental Health YouTube channels. You will have a blend of excellent digital and creative skills and intermediate knowledge of the current atmosphere of psychedelics, mindfulness, and personal growth. Following the platform’s best practices, you will analyze and manage the page’s meta data to ensure maximum reach. You will assist in scheduling and updating the meta data for original content as well as monitoring engagements across both channels. Additional duties may be assigned as the role continues to grow.


  • Curate content into playlists for premium YouTube Channels focused on psychedelics and mental health treatments
  • Audit current channel layout and make appropriate changes to best suit the channel for SEO
  • Create actionable plans to both grow and maintain followers and engagement
  • Help plan, coordinate and schedule new content on a regular basis that builds meaningful connections, increases brand awareness, and encourages community members to engage with the brand
  • Engagement moderation (i.e. replying in a timely manner to comments, removing toxic language)
  • Ensure content metadata is up to date in accordance with YouTube’s best practices (i.e. cover photos, keywords, video titles, descriptions).
  • Manage YouTube-centered contests and giveaways that aim to improve our engagement with our core audiences
  • Capture and analyze the appropriate data/metrics, insights and YouTube best practices to measure the success of content and then use that information to refine future campaigns
  • Collaborate with other content creators in the space

Additional Requirements/Pluses

  • 2+ years of YouTube creative experience, including channel management
  • Has the content curation skills necessary to do a great job
  • Has the subject area expertise/personal experience to truly speak authoritatively or at least easily and credibly communicate with those you will source content from
  • Excellent written English grammar and spelling
  • A plus if you have a credential in mental health/psychology/therapy/medical field or extensive experience working with patients or professionals in these fields
  • A major plus is you have intermediate+ social media management skills across other platforms
  • A major plus if you have intermediate+ SEO / YouTube SEO skills
  • A major plus if you have intermediate+ digital marketing tracking, analytics, and reporting skills

Required Skills:

  • Highly productive. You’re able to set goals and establish challenging yet realistic deadlines in collaboration with other team members, achieving optimal results on a daily basis without the need for continuous oversight or pre-approval (within reason, of course).
  • Intermediate to advanced video editing skills and/or graphic design or motion graphics skills
  • Demonstrated creativity and innovation within the psychedelic and mental health space
  • Can work efficiently and effectively while remote (we’re a 100% remote company).
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of YouTube algorithm, meta-data, and SEO skills

Feel like we were meant to meet you? Then we ask that you do the following:

First, please make sure you’ve read our “3 Must-Have Qualifications” above and meet them or come very close. If you have any questions regarding determining whether you're qualified, or whether this position offers what you're seeking, please don't hesitate to contact us first.

  1. Complete this application, submitting your Resume, Cover Letter, and any Published Article Samples or other relevant docs (if you have them) along with it.
  2. If we feel there’s a great fit, we’ll notify you and ask you to complete our “YouTube Channel Manager Applicant Survey” to give us a better sense of who you are and what makes you tick. Once received, we’ll schedule interviews with candidates we feel are strong matches. You are also welcome to review the survey in advance:

This it - we look forward to hearing from you!