Job description

Have a passion for psychedelic medicine? Recognize the tremendous, transformative potential of psychedelics as treatment options for those suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder? We’re building digital content and communities in the psychedelics and “inner journey” spaces, both providing incredible potential to improve people’s lives and mental wellness.

We are actively looking for a highly-skilled, senior-level Managing Editor to collaborate with the team at Supermind to populate dynamic, best-in-class informational web and mobile sites for each of our brands.

Supermind is building trusted platforms and technology to give consumers greater access to legal psychedelic medicine and alternative wellness practitioners. Supermind’s flagship properties, and are launching later this year which, along with our premier social channels, will bring quality, credible, and comprehensive content covering the world of psychedelics. Additionally, we will operate several general mental health properties, and have a significant focus on PTSD.

We’re hiring content creators, design creatives, technologists, credentialed therapy professionals, researchers, and problem solvers with good vibes and great work-ethic, to help us build the most visible and resourceful digital brands for this incredible industry. If you’d like to help shape how millions of people will eventually learn about psychedelics, connect with professionals safely, gain hope, and find growth or healing, then this might be the best place to bring your energy and capabilities.


The following are essentially “must-haves”, or you will need to be close or have some other outstanding, relevant qualifications to replace not meeting any of these (i.e. the “Major Pluses”).

***We are putting these at the forefront to save both your and our time, as we wish to only engage with well-qualified candidates. Thank you for understanding!***

Top 3 Must-Have Qualifications:

  1. Substantial personal or professional experience with psychedelics.
  2. Has written and edited extensively within psychedelics and mental health niches, with excellent English spelling and grammar.
  3. Extensive experience with on-page SEO, keyword research, creating hierarchies of content, building and managing those building beautifully formatted articles.

Top 4 Major Pluses:

  1. Experience with meditation, yoga, and/or consciousness related content, and is passionate about these subjects.
  2. Experience with Data Visualization. Whether that’s strategic planning and managing creators to product DataViz content, or fully carrying it out yourself. This is a big plus.
  3. Has experience creating long form, ultimate guide type content meant to be one of the subject area’s absolute best pieces of content in existence.
  4. Has a lot of connections to freelance psychedelics or mental health industry writers, thought-leaders, researchers, and professionals within these fields.

Deal Breakers:

  • Very little SEO experience. Hasn’t created fairly large, comprehensive content orders with extensive keyword research, to build articles targeting main keywords and strategic keyword variations tactically.
  • Has not managed freelance writers or at least 3 in-house writers to scale content sites into the hundreds of articles per month range.
  • Not excited by, or confident in, the process of creating editorial calendars, content planning, and managing budgets, in-house and freelance resources to build massively successful psychedelics and mental health sites reaching millions of monthly unique visitors

Overview of Role

As the Managing Editor for Supermind, you will support the VP of Content, as well as the EVP in managing the content team and implementing the overall content plan. You will lead content efforts to improve organic traffic performance, conversions, engagement, and establish our suite of psychedelic-assisted therapy and “inner journey” health and wellness sites.

You will directly manage writers, editors, blog managers, content marketers, graphic designers and data visualization artists.

If you’d like to help shape how millions of people will eventually learn about psychedelics, find psychedelic-assisted therapy & treatment professionals, gain hope, and find growth or healing, then this might be the best place to bring your energy and capabilities.


  1. Work with Content and SEO Team Members to research, plan and prioritize content at volume and across our unique domains in the psychedelics and ”inner journey”/mental health spaces.
  2. Oversee the production of a broad range of evergreen library content (written, but then supplemented with value-adding imagery, data visualizations), as well as individualized directory content for different Supermind properties
  3. Implement SEO tactics and page elements (call-outs, quotes, accordions, sliders, etc.) to maximize page value
  4. Engage and manage various internal and external content resources to build your team

What You’ll Primarily Focus On

  • Create and ensure successful implementation of site content plans/strategy
  • Provide in-depth reporting on team productivity and outcomes, providing suggestions for improvement
  • Maintain and promote proper use of our style guide, ensuring all content published adheres to the guidelines
  • Help lead the ideation and execution of content topics across multiple sites, working closely with the VP of Content, EVP, and Founder/CEO
  • Analyze processes and workflows, making recommendations for improvements (and implementing them)
  • Provide ongoing mentorship to, as well as training and management of team members you are responsible for
  • Stay up to date with digital content, SEO (including Google algorithm changes and minor updates), and both the psychedelic and mental health spaces
  • Make recommendations for and recruit new team members as needed
  • Educate and provide regular feedback to team on digital content best practices
  • Lead the team to meet the organization's expectations for productivity, quality, continuous improvement, and goal accomplishment
  • Maintain transparent communication, including appropriately communicating organization information through department meetings, one-on-one meetings, and email, and regular interpersonal communication
  • Promote a positive company culture, leading by example to promote an upbeat, collaborative team environment
  • Manage team of freelance writers, editors, graphic designers, and data visualization artists

What You'll Also Do

  • Determine opportunities to incorporate rich media into sites (i.e., video content, infographics, interactive media, slideshows, etc.).
  • Ensure published content employs best practices for web content and adheres to company style guidelines
  • Update Content Calendar as necessary.
  • Contribute to team meetings/discussions/brainstorming sessions.
  • Research and determine new content topics using keyword research, working closely with the SEO team
  • Maintain a high awareness of relevant trending topics and news to identify content opportunities.
  • Build/maintain a repository of commonly used, authoritative informational resources to help inform/guide content production

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Health care coverage
  • Employee stock option plan
  • Flexible schedule, with all standard federal holidays, and reasonable additional days off as needed
  • Work in a meaningful field that is changing the world positively
  • Creative flexibility
  • A valued voice in what we work on and how we go about it
  • …and more to come!

Required Skills:

  • 3 years of experience leading a digital content team (preferably for multiple sites simultaneously)
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver engaging content to increase organic traffic
  • Demonstrated ability to establish, maintain, and continually improve editorial processes and workflows
  • Proven ability to recruit, manage and lead successful teams and empower employees
  • Strong understanding of user-centered content strategy principles and best practices
  • Strong grasp of brand and digital marketing
  • In-depth understanding of content planning, implementation, and performance analysis
  • Intermediate knowledge of SEO best practices and how to optimize content to improve organic traffic

Feel like we were meant to meet you? Then we ask that you do the following:

First, please make sure you’ve read our “3 Must-Have Qualifications” above and meet them or come very close. If you have any questions regarding determining whether you're qualified, or whether this position offers what you're seeking, please don't hesitate to contact us first.

  1. Complete this application, submitting your Resume, Cover Letter, and any Published Article Samples or other relevant docs (if you have them) along with it.
  2. If we feel there’s a great fit, we’ll notify you and ask you to complete our “Managing Editor Applicant Survey” to give us a better sense of who you are and what makes you tick. Once received, we’ll schedule interviews with candidates we feel are strong matches. You're also welcome to review the survey now at:

That's it - we look forward to hearing from you!